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Terse Verse and Teatime Treats

The Queen's Games Room

The Queen’s Treasurer was not asked for a credit card to access the games on this site and there has been no tracking or request for payment for any add-on elements to play them – unlike some games from certain well-known sites recently.


There were also no problems downloading to the Queen’s crystal ball. These flash games therefore seem to be computer, user and kid safe.

As always, however, when downloading anything from the internet be alert and run a virus checker over downloads before opening and playing on your own devices. Enjoy!


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Rich Mine (The Little People)
Help the Little People mine the Queen’s Gems. Throw the pick, bring down the gems and catch them in your barrow. Avoid falling rocks. There are a limited number of picks but if you can catch a falling pick in your barrow you increase your time. Watch out for bats, ghosts and spiders because they’re partial to picks and will steal yours.
Bubble Panic (The Wiz)
The Wizard has been cooking up spells again and noxious bubbles are about to waft through the palace. Dodge the bubbles and help the Wiz get rid of them with his magical beams before the bubbles escape or the Wiz is knocked out by one too many bubble hits.
Mice 2 (The Chef)
The mice in Cook’s cheese pantry are relentless and just keep coming. Stop them from eating the Queen’s prime stinky cheese by whacking them with your ball. Power up with a fireball, knives or a nuclear blast (healthy!). You can also reconstitute the cheese if you’re fast enough.
Treasure Chain (The Treasurer)
The Queen’s Ranger has collected the Queen’s mined gems from the Little People and passed them over to the Treasury. Help the Queen’s Treasurer match the gems and count the loot. And pop the items as fast as you can to fill your score meter. Time is money!
Bubble Frog (The Frog Prince)
The Frog Prince and his trusty personal assistant are still living in the village pond and are likely to remain there. Help them pop three colours in a row to release the baby frogs before the Burgermeister’s boot comes down and squashes them flat. More coloured frogs are added at each level.
Big Fish (The Kitchen Hand)
Help the Kitchen Hand catch fish in the River Burpen. He receives a big bonus if he can catch the big salmon coloured striped one (HM’s favourite) – but it swims so fast! You too can break your arrow keys with this one. Keep an eye on the bonus fish changes at bottom right and catch the pictured fish to gain more time.