Eurovision Mania Revisited!

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018 – LOOKING BACK: Going through to the Grand Final was Ryan O’Shaughnessy from IRELAND who sang ‘TOGETHER’, a touching ballad that caused a few sniffles in the audience and at home. Ireland has won Eurovision seven times – of course the last time was in 1996 and another win would be nice, so it would. (Photo by L.J. May S/S)


On these pages you will find competitions and other opportunities for authors, performance writers for stage and screen, illustrators and filmmakers. See entries below the quick list for more detailed information.

In this section we list competitions open to performance writers for theatre, film and television, plus cross-over opportunities for filmmakers. Detailed information is listed below in date order. Those entries with deadlines looming are highlighted in red.   

  • The BYRON BAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is now accepting submissions for BBFF, a dynamic and distinctive film festival known for its trademark friendly, laid-back vibe and characteristically open, expressive and appreciative audiences. Lots of awards and prizes on offer, including the Byron Bay International Film Festival Screenplay Competition. Last submissions close on Friday, 28 June 2019 – but please visit the detailed entry for guidelines, entry forms, how to submit, and links to deadlines for the various categories. (See RADIO, FILM AND TELEVISION section below)
  • The Australian Writers’ Guild sponsors events, festivals, awards and programs that recognise, promote, reward and celebrate the work of screen and stage writers. See who’s eligible.
  • The Brisbane City Council is seeking public event visionaries for its CREATIVE EVENTS REGISTER. If you’ve got a bright idea, register now. 
  • Playwrights from regional or remote areas may apply for travel costs to attend events and opportunities through the newly established ERIN THOMAS PLAYWRIGHT FUND. There is no deadline for applications.
  • Submit your complete screenplay with a treatment, or a comprehensive concept proposal (1–3 pages) to WriteMe Australia, a national screenwriting initiative program which aims to develop exceptional material into production-ready screenwriting to be produced by the LaRoda Films network. There is no closing date for submissions. All ideas and material exchanged between all parties constitute intellectual property that shall remain the exclusive property of the originator.



Who: Playwriting Australia.


Entries close: No deadline for applications. 

Contact: For guidelines visit the website at

Cost: No cost to apply.

What’s happening: The Rules. It can be tough getting your playwriting career going if you live outside of the capital cities – opportunities to engage with the theatre industry are rare and expensive. The newly established Erin Thomas Playwright Fund has been created to support emerging playwrights from regional or remote areas to attend opportunities or events that would help them develop their careers. 

To be eligible, playwrights need to: reside in a regional, remote or rural area of Australia; and be at an early stage of their career and have had no more than two professional productions.

The Opportunities: Funded travel costs can include airfares, accommodation, per diems or other relevant expenses. Playwrights may apply to attend events and opportunities.

Here is an opportunity to submit and sell your script, choreography and artistic concepts for students of the performing arts.

Who: Free Range Theatrix


Entries close: Ongoing.

Contact: Go to their website at for more information about the company, and contact Creative Director, Sally Hardy on about your submissions if you have questions.


What’s happening: Opportunity: Free Range Theatrix is a new company that sells scripts, choreography and artistic concepts for students of the performing arts. They are currently seeking submissions of plays, monologues and musical theatre, and are interested in anything from light-hearted pantomimes through to highly artistic and challenging works. For more information and go to their website at and contact Sally Hardy as above if you have any further questions. 



Who: The Australian Writers Guild (AWG)


Entries close: Ongoing opportunity.

Contact: Go go to the AWG sponsorship page for more information and email if you have any further queries.

Cost: Talk to AWG about your idea.

What’s happening: The Rules. The Australian Writers’ Guild is proud to sponsor events, festivals, awards and programs that recognise, promote, reward and celebrate the work of screen and stage writers. They are also the proud sponsor of Best Screenplay Awards for a number of festivals and competitions. 

If your organisation would like to get in touch with the Guild regarding sponsorship, head to their AWG sponsorship page to find out what types of events and awards they sponsor, how they show their support, and what they expect from the events they sponsor. You can then download and fill out the AWG sponsorship form before sending it to


Who: The Brisbane City Council


Entries close: Ongoing opportunity.

Contact: For more information, email or call (07) 3403 8888.

Cost: NIL.

What’s happening: The Rules. The Brisbane City Council is seeking public event visionaries. Help imagine events, learn more about creative development opportunities and hear about ways to work with Council on the Creative Events Register. Receive email updates about expression of interest opportunities through the year. To register, visit



Who: BBFF.


Entries close: NOW OPEN for submissions, which close on Friday, 28 June 2019.

Contact: For guidelines, entry forms and how to submit, visit the website at Click through to one of the Submissions Partners to learn more about deadlines and entry fees. NOTE: Do you have a Local Film or A World Premiere? If so you may be eligible for a deadline waiver. Contact to put in a request, although you should note that not all films will be granted the extension.

Cost: Visit the website for more information.

What’s happening:The Rules. Each year some of the world’s most exciting film talent join thousands of film lovers at the BYRON BAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (BBFF). Over ten fantastic days in beautiful Byron Bay they will experience a dynamic and truly distinctive film festival experience known for its trademark friendly, laid-back vibe and characteristically open, expressive and appreciative audiences.

Independent filmmakers are the heart and soul of this festival, whose quality programming of hundreds of entertaining, inspiring and eye-opening films from over 40 countries sets the stage for filmmakers at all stages of their careers to showcase their outstanding work across all genres.

The festival is also passionate about Virtual Reality and the opportunities it creates for filmmakers. The festival now hosts award categories for Virtual Reality Creators and a number of events aimed at established VR Developers as well as those looking to dive into this new realm.

If your creativity is cutting edge and you have a message to tell, be a part of this humanistic festival which fuses artistry, education and innovation to enhance our world view and collective social dialogue through the power and storytelling of film – and VR! Young Australian directors under 25 have the chance to win the Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year award.

Mix business with pleasure at the gala red carpet opening and closing night parties, or simply enjoy a quiet drink at the sunset bar, and mingle with leading Australian and international industry figures to make new friends, spark ideas and collaborate.

It’s all just a short stroll from world class beaches, great cafes, bars and restaurants, live music, shopping, and the colourful and creative streetscape for which Byron Bay is renowned.

The Awards and Prizes: All films entered will automatically be considered for nomination in any award categories that the film might qualify for during the selection process. The Byron Bay International Film Festival Screenplay Competition has a first prize of AU$1,500. The top 3 finalists will receive the latest Final Draft Screenwriting software.

BBFF awards include but are not limited to Best Film, Documentary, Short Film, Drama, Cinematography, Surf Film, Animation, Experimental Film, Environmental Film, Music Video, Best Young Australian Filmmaker (open to Australian Directors under 25), CinematicVR, InteractiveVR and an award for the Best Local Film.


Who: LaRoda Films


Entries close: No closing date for submissions.

Contact: Visit and spread the word among writers of screen and print fiction.

Cost: Nil to submit.

What’s happening: The Rules. WriteMe Australia is a national program established to identify and select writers, and develop their exemplary written material with a Director, to a stage primed for screen production. The initiative aims to identify and select talented writers with extraordinary written material, and to develop that work into production-ready screenwriting to be produced by the LaRoda Films network.

WriteMe was established by Australian Director and Producer Blake Borcich, after identifying a frustratingly low volume of archetypal writing to explore and advance in his home nation. Good writing affects everybody on a film production. It is a collaborative art form through and through, and there is nothing more reassuring that one is arriving each day to work on a truly worthy filmic venture, than the strength of that core foundational brilliance – the script.

They accept complete screenplays with a treatment, as well as comprehensive concept proposals (1–3 pages). All ideas and material exchanged between all parties, from the moment of first engagement with each other, constitute intellectual property that shall remain the exclusive property of the originator.

The Opportunity: WriteMe ultimately guarantees that successful screenplays are headed right through to post-production and release by LaRoda Films. The WriteMe process involves an appointed entertainment lawyer and active liaising with the Australian Copyright Council. 


Are your credits accurately preserved for posterity? The Film & Broadcast Industries Oral History Group sends all filmmakers this important message.

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia – Audiovisual History Needs You

Have you worked on an Australian screen production? Do you want your correct credits to be part of Australia's historical record? If so, the Film & Broadcast Industries Oral History group encourages you to have your credits updated on the national audiovisual collection records. 

Here's how in 5 easy steps:

1. Go to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia website and click Collection.
2. Search for the production title using Easy Search, select Film or Television and click on Search
3. From the Results page, click on the entry that appears for that title searched. Once you click on the entry, you will get a page which includes ‘Title Details’
4. If you see anything incorrect or missing in the credits listed there, click on the data corrections link at the bottom of the page to send an email with your suggested corrections
5. The NFSA Collection Information Staff will respond to your email and validate the suggested corrections. For any contradictory information received, the NFSA will retain the right to determine the authorised credits for the production.


‘CLICK FOR FESTIVALS is a new tool connecting creators and festivals. The website says: 'For creators and distributors CLICK signifies the best way to reach any festival throughout the world, offering the possibility of showing their work easily, practically and economically. In the case of festivals, this is a free tool that will enable them to manage submitted films efficiently and to set optimal communication channels with both creators and juries.

'The first step is to create your account as a Director or Distributor. Next, you will receive an account verification email and from that moment, you can start uploading your films, consulting our Platform's list of Associated Festivals and submitting your work to the festivals that interest you...Film schools will enjoy the same promotions as distributors.

'CLICK FOR FESTIVALS gives the opportunity to submit a short to many festivals, or many shorts to one festival. We want you to have your submissions only one click away.’

This seems worth checking out. For more information on how it all works go to the CLICK FOR FESTIVALS website at




EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018 – LOOKING BACK: Going through to the Grand Final was Saara Aalto from FINLAND with a blast of a song called ‘MONSTERS,’ which takes a well deserved swipe at those who bully, including people who bully themselves. At one stage Saara was fastened to the wheel you can see in the background and delivered part of the song while rotating. That’s dedication! Incidentally, Saara voiced Anna in the Finnish version of ‘Frozen’. (Photo by L.J. May S/S)